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Blogs and Search Engine Optimization

If you have been keeping up with the latest internet marketing and SEO trends, you might already be aware that, for many... the Adsense bonanza has come to a screeching halt.  The glory days of page and directory generation software has come and gone, as the search engines have caught on and struck back with a vengeance.  

Hundreds of millions of pages, created by this type of software, have been banned forever.  Once high flying websites have fallen back down to earth with a resounding thud... leaving their owners with only a memory of those sweet dollars-for-clicks and a big fat PR 0 for their troubles.

So is that it?  Game over?

Or could there be some new magical SEO technique, that can once again give marketers the upper hand in capturing those elusive contextual advertising dollars?

Well... I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that it's become near impossible for website owners to get their pages indexed by the search engines.  Used to be, you could just purchase a couple of high PR links and the search engines would come-a-calling in no time.  Not anymore.  And we all know that automated page builders are a losing proposition... although some marketers figure they can spit web pages out faster than the search engines can find and de-list them.  Even time tested favorites like cloaking seem to have lost their efficiency.

But... the good news is, that there still remains a relatively easy way to get your pages indexed by the search engines.  And we're talking in a matter of days to a few short weeks.

How?  BLOGS baby! 

Blogs?  You bet. 

More specifically, a blog farm or network of blogs.... all niche or topic related.  You know... ordinary stuff, like: unusual baby names, tasty casserole recipes, facial care, motorcycle racing, tropical fish, antique watches... all sorts of things that people like to discuss.   

And do you want to know what's really awesome?

Search engines absolutely LOVE Blogs! 

In fact, the "king" of search engines, Google, even has their very own search tool dedicated to finding content on blogs.  It's in beta now, but will be in full release soon.
So, if Google thinks that Blogs should have their own unique search engine... doesn't that tell you something?

And just why do Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines love blogs so much?  Simple really...

  1. Blogs are where people like to hang out.. kind of like an online coffee shop.

  2. Unlike web pages, blogs can't be spit out by the tens of thousands. 

  3. Blogs are always changing and updating, as fresh new content is added.

Which all adds up to one thing.  One very important thing.  Blogs get spidered (visited by search engine robots)!  And spidering leads to indexing, which leads to rankings, which leads to page views, which leads to clickable ads, which leads to clicks, which leads to $$$... if you get my drift. 

Now, let's suppose that you had links on these blogs... links that pointed back to your website(s).  Wouldn't it make sense that the search engine spiders would gleefully follow them back your domain(s)?  And don't you think that you just might get some PR brownie points for all those non-reciprocal keyword relevant links?

Off course!

I know, I know.  You're thinking that most blogs have that darn "no follow" tag in their links to prevent that from happening?

And you're right... they do.

Which is exactly why you must treat your blog farm,  just like a real farm... by planting good seeds and by using the right tools.

Done correctly, you can once again have an abundant harvest... if you know what I mean.

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