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Website Hosting Costs

The main idea is that a web site provider may help you a lot in your internet business but you should be aware of what you need and never pay more than that. The average price to pay for a one domain website, multiple email boxes, and a good amount of disk space and bandwidth would be about $20 a month for linux hosting and about $25 for Windows hosting.

When doing E-commerce you have to add in credit card processing and fees the SSL certificate, and then your hosting fees. For a small business start up you can get the SSL for around an additional $10 to $150 dollars a month depending on the type of SSL you want to purchase for your site...

The merchant account offers vary depending on your geographic location, type of site you are setting up and some credit check information.

If you want more advanced features such as more mysql connections, more bandwidth, more CPU and memory allocation, custom name servers and the ability to send more emails an hour you should look into a VPS account. These accounts are not as expensive as dedicated servers. They offer better performance then standard shared hosting. You can find a VPS hosting provider ranging from $20 a month to $150 a month depending on how much resources you want allocated to your plan.

Dedicated server hosting is recommended for sites getting a lot of traffic, audio streaming, and websites the require you to get almost no downtime because of other customers doing things on the server and crashing resources. On shared hosting the most economical packages you share services with typically 150-600 customers per server. A dedicated server gives you total control on what you want to install and how you want to access your server and what platform and options you want to use for your website.

Hope this breakdown of current hosting plan prices helps you make a more informed decision when purchasing website and email hosting.

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