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Always Promote Your Website When Sending Email

Website owners are always on the lookout for new ways to promote their business. What if I told you could advertise your business every time you send an email and it wouldn't cost you a dime?

When you meet someone you might give him or her one of your business cards. Now the recipient has all your contact information, learns a little about your business and this allows you to expose your brand. With an E-business card you can still give them one of your cards, electronically, using Microsoft Outlook!

All you have to do is create your card in HTML to resemble your printed card. Then save it to your Outlook signature folder so you can send an electronic version...

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Email Marketing - Why aren't People Replying?

Chances are if people haven't requested to receive an email from you then you are wasting time. Let me guess your routine:

-Select a list of names.
-Type in subject and body text
-Click send.

Then your email is sent to as many people as you want, even thousands. So why aren't they replying or jumping at your offer? Well it could because they consider it spam (meaning they didn't request it). So probably right now your great offer and email are sitting in a Spam folder, Trash bin or they haven't checked their email and haven't gotten a chance to delete it, yet...

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Email Scams - 10 Steps to Protect Yourself

According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) email scams also known as phishing attacks claim more than 2,000 victims each day from more than 75 million phishing emails that are sent each day. The APWG also claims that these email scams steal close to $1 billion a year from its victims.

Phishing (pronounced fishing), is online identity theft that uses spoof emails, fraudulent websites and crimeware to trick unsuspecting internet users into providing financial data, credit card numbers, social security numbers, account logins and passwords, etc.

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Email Spam Explained

Spam 101
Are you tired of getting spam? We all are, in fact there is a booming business on fighting spam such as spambully.com. They filter out mail that comes to you, forward mail to your phone. Their program lets you create a white list of people who can send you mail. You can create challenge emails so that people send you mail can verify that they are human and then you receive the mail. This integrates with Outlook and Outlook Express and can help alleviate some of the headache you space from spam.

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Is Email Multi-Level-Marketing Effective?

With email filters, blockers, and simply tons of unsolicited email, is email marketing still a viable option to build and grow your network marketing business? The answer to this question, in my opinion is "Yes, but."

Let's deal with the "Yes" first, then we'll deal with the "But."

I remember about 5 or 6 years ago putting about 400 leads into my autoresponder and enrolling about 8 - 10 people a month into my website articles program. Today, if you had 10 times that many leads, you may get a couple of prospects, and maybe, maybe, one enrollment. It is true that times have changed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that email marketing is dead. Let's look at a couple of examples.

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