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E-commerce Basics

What is Ecommerce?

E-Commerce allows you to sell your goods on the internet. First you get website hosting with a domain name. Then you build a website with a shopping cart to take payments through a Paypal or a Merchant account for your goods or services. You then ship the goods, or provide the service to your customer.

How do I get a shopping Cart?

If you get a hosting provider who has Fantastico included in their hosting packages you can easily install and use OSCommerce as your shopping cart. It’s an easy to use shopping cart for beginners and easy to install with a few clicks.  And with Fantastico there is no need to upload files or install the database. You should remember to write down the admin username and password that you use when you install the cart as your hosting provider will not be able to retrieve this later for you if you lose it.

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Introduction to Shopping Carts

You can use traditional methods to sell products such as direct mail, catalogs and advertising.  However, if you have a great online presence, the entire world is your marketplace at a fraction of the cost of most traditional methods.  To easily sell to this worldwide marketplace, you need a great shopping cart system.

Choosing a shopping cart system is perhaps the most important single decision you'll make in your online marketing career. This is because: You're stuck with the decision for a long time.  If you buy into a system that isn't adequate, it can cost you money--big money--because it won't maximize the amount of money spent by each visitor.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of off-the-shelf, free and alternative products out there vying for your money, time or both.  And most of them are junk...

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How Much does E-commerce Cost?

Making profits with your existing website design or creating a new online store can be exciting, affordable and most of all; rewarding. Mmmm . . . that's what the last sales guy told me.

What is eCommerce (or selling via the Internet)? It is similar to selling through a physical building's business storefront, with one big difference: the costs for eCommerce are lower. The lower costs alone make it a lot more affordable for someone to start up a business or expand their storefront business onto the Internet.

So, the cost to do online business depends on how much time and effort you are able to put in and the eCommerce developer you choose to work with. Generally, developers should try to enable their clients to be as independent as possible in areas such as daily site updates, processing online orders, customer feedback and low or no cost (except time) online marketing.

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