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The Sales Process - Step 4 - Objections

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Step Four: Handling Objections

During the sales process, you'll probably meet a familiar obstacle: the objection. Objections are prospects' statements about why they don't plan to buy your product or service. It may be a statement such as, "I don't need that service right now," or, "I already buy those products from ABC Company."

Don't be afraid of an objection; it's simply part of the sales process. In fact, objections oftentimes are a signal that the sale is progressing and you're getting closer to "yes." Objections are oftentimes a prospect's way of saying: "I'm not convinced yet; but I could be!"

Anticipate objections. Rehearse answers to standard objections. Learn to ask questions of prospects to drill down to their real objections.

Here are a few proven techniques for overcoming objections. Remember to treat every objection with respect and diplomacy.

  • Employ the "yes, but" technique. Agree with your customers (the yes) and then offer them new information (the but).
  • Question prospects when they make statements about why they won't buy or what they don't like about your product. Ask "why" they feel as they do; this will help you get to the root cause of their concerns.
  • Restate the objection so the customer can hear it. This tends to reduce the magnitude of an objection or allows prospects to modify your statement (really theirs) to get closer to the true objection.
  • Tactfully respond directly to the customer's statement. You might even contradict your customer. Use this approach carefully, however. It will offend some while proving to be the best approach for others.




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