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The Sales Process

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Most business owners would like to focus all their energy on daily business operations and serving existing client demands. It's critical to your success, however, to focus on gaining new business from current and potential customers in order to grow and sustain your company. In fact, successful entrepreneurs spend about 40 percent of their time in marketing and selling activities.

sales cycle


Selling: It's a Process

If you've moved from an "employee" role that didn't involve much selling to owning a business, you've probably had little exposure to the process of selling. If you are experienced in sales, you might want to take a moment to glance over the information here to energize your sales skills.

The selling process has six key steps.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Initial Contact
  3. Sales Presentation
  4. Handling Objections
  5. Closing the Sale
  6. Follow-Up and Service after the Sale

Virtually every sales interaction will follow these steps, whether it lasts several minutes or several months. We'll look at each step seperately and you can access any step with the table of contents links at the top right of the article...


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